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Govt's 'war' against Saridon has exposed some misconceptions about pain that is debilitating Indians

There are no affordable, over-the-counter painkillers that can cure the bane of being underprivileged.


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How Left has irrevocably damaged JNU's electoral politics

It may have won again in its stronghold, but it is doubtful that JNU and the Left itself will survive such anarchy for long.


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Is it only sex without love? A man in a megapolis talks about the loneliness of gay life

It was about these sexual encounters where you didn't even get to see the face of the person, recounts Karthik Kalyanaraman, who is now a little less afraid of betrayal.


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Section 377 struck down: Why the war is far from over

The weeding out of this regressive law has come as a release for persons of alternative sexuality who form between seven and eight per cent of India's population.


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Gay marriages, Supreme Court, Lgbtq rights, Section 377

A first-ever gay swayamwar on Indian television? Shiver!

Remembering Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi's 'comic' Maddy, we are just shuddering at the very thought.


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Gay sex, Supreme Court, Lgbtq rights, Section 377 verdict

When being gay was sheer irreverent, catty fun

The SC ruling on 377 stops gays from being called criminals. But it also makes them citizens — with all the boring goodness this involves.


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Same sex marriage, Gay sex, Supreme Court, Section 377 verdict

Can we please stop romanticising Supreme Court's Section 377 verdict?

Grant all other civil liberties to same-sex couples. Gay people are as boring and bourgeois as any other Indian heterosexual couple.


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SC verdict on Section 377 is a victory, but the battle isn't over yet

Even though there is reason for cheer, we must not forget that the verdict itself is not enough.


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Section 377 struck down: Not just homosexuals, why it is time for everyone to celebrate

This article has been co-authored by DU research fellow Ramanand and Gauri Pande of Center of Policy Research & Governance.


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Supreme Court, Lgbtq rights, Homosexuality, Section 377

A dark tale from inside the closet: Section 377 has ruined many lives, including those of straight people

People pushed into a corner sometimes hit back. At times, they are so trapped, they don't care who else gets hurt.