Aleena Udas Sharma
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The author is a freelance writer and a columnist.


 |   5-minute read

How Anand Mahindra's tweet captured corporate India's double standards for women

The irony is that to even acknowledge gender inequality, the world needs a powerful man to tweet about the problem.


 |   6-minute read

The (real) mole in the education system

Our system and schools need to be far more proactive in taking note of the 'moles' or issues they have to whack. The moles are only getting bigger now, jeopardising the future of our country.


 |   3-minute read

CM Khattar, how does it matter if the Rewari gangrape survivor knew the accused?

We need a swachchata abhiyaan for our mindsets, starting from political leaders.


 |   4-minute read

Why Nepal still doesn't trust India

Neither a call from new Delhi nor a warm welcome from Kathmandu is enough to strengthen the already strained bilateral relationship.


 |   4-minute read

Why I think Modi's Exam Warriors is spadework for the 2019 general elections

Reading the book made me realise that the easiest thing to do on earth is to give free advice.


 |   7-minute read

Board exams or not, Indian education system continues to fail our children

Let us build thinking-feeling individuals who excel to succeed and not succeed to excel.