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Bigg Boss 11 blog: Why there's pressure on Akash Dadlani to be thrown out from the house

Arshi becomes the new captain after she promises Vikas that she will save Puneesh.

 |  4-minute read |   07-12-2017
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There are no permanent friendships in the Bigg Boss house. The show has seen many cordial relationships turn sour in no time. That’s what happened in Wednesday’s episode too as the babysitter task for captaincy continued.

Or, was everything part of a bigger game? Let’s find out.

Friendships lost?

Hiten and Hina had each others’ back since the beginning. And for this task too, Hina was banking on Hiten as Hina’s doll was with Hiten. The task required contestants to park prams with dolls representing housemates every time music played. With each pram parked, the parking spots decreased. The last one to occupy a vacant parking spot was supposed to be the winner, according to the rules of the game. 

But then, as there is no true friendship in the Bigg Boss house, Hiten changes his side, listens to Vikas and at the last moment, makes way for Vikas, who is carrying Arshi’s pram, to the parking area, making Arshi the captain for the week. “This is real Hiten. He is a spineless man. Your wife was right. She told you don’t be a follower, be a leader,” Hina shouted at Hiten.

luv,-priyank_120717010127.jpgLuv and Priyank fighting (Videograb: Voot)

Luv and Priyank’s friendship appeared to be turning sour but it’s not clear whether it was just momentary bitterness — as they hurled abuses at each other during the task — or a sign of some trouble brewing between the two.

Akash kisses Shilpa

As soon as the episode ended, twitterati started demanding Akash’s eviction from the show. Not for no reason though. As the episode veers towards the end, Akash and Hiten start fighting. Shilpa, who is always busy in cooking, later asks Akash about the fight. And, then all of a sudden Akash kisses Shilpa, which leaves both Shilpa and her fans fuming. However, Akash apologised later.

Arshi becomes the new captain

vikas-blocking-hiten_120717010211.jpgVikas blocks Hiten's way during the game (Videograb: Voot)

Arshi becomes the new captain, after she promises Vikas that she will save Puneesh as the captain. As Luv, who has Vikas' doll, shows unwillingness to make him the captain, Vikas starts plotting to make Arshi the captain and everything falls into place as Hiten, too, supports him, ditching Hina. 

Romance brewing

hina-and-luv_120717010008.jpgHina and Luv (Videograb: Voot)

After Bandgi Kalra’s exit, the love quotient of the house dropped. But it seems to be rekindled again as Hina and Luv are said to be growing closer. Says who? Shilpa and Puneesh. As Puneesh casually talks to Shilpa and wonders whether he is the only one who feels that Hina and Luv like each other, Shilpa clears the air. She says she has seen Hina and Luv exchanging glances, which are not for the purpose of the game only!

Emotional drama

Today’s episode will be an emotional drama as Puneesh’s father and Shilpa’s mother are supposed to visit the house. And when teary-eyed parents play their role in a mind game like Bigg Boss, you know how mushy it becomes! 

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