Humanity dies a dog's death in Agra. No mercy for man's best friend

A road built over a dog proves how low we have fallen.

 |  2-minute read |   13-06-2018
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Dogs are believed to be the first animals human beings domesticated thousands of years ago. Since then, humans and dogs have formed an amazing bond with the animal showing unflinching loyalty towards man.

Quite tragically, the same emotion has not been reciprocated by human beings towards the animal with reports of dogs being subjected to extreme brutality every now and then.

While many love the animal, there are also those who have showed a beastly attitude towards canines more often than not.

The latest in the series of human cruelty towards dogs is the report of a road in Agra being built over the body of a dog.

Reports over whether the dog was alive when construction workers carpeted the road are contested. While some say the dog was already dead when the road was constructed, others have contended that the animal was alive and howling in pain when tar was poured over it.

Both situations bring to fore our abject insensitivity and the terror we can inflict upon a hapless animal or its body.

Even if the dog had died, its body should have been removed from the site and the road laid. It should have been handed over to the municipal authorities for burial. But if the dog was indeed alive at the time of the road construction, we must hang our heads in shame.

In 2016, a man from Chennai made a video of himself while he was flinging a dog from a terrace. To the utter disgust of anyone watching the video, the man broke into laughter as the yelping dog fell to the ground with a thump.

In 2015, reports of mass killing of around 40 dogs was reported from Kerala's Kannur. The dogs were allegedly drugged before being.

The dogs were reportedly killed because they were causing a menace in the area by attacking people.

People's outrage towards puppy killers and animal torturers has evoked several responses. There have been those making the jaded argument that there are too many human rights violations for us to care about animals.

So who voices the pain of an animal that can't speak for itself or communicate its pain?

Social media has expressed outrage over what happened. Perhaps, it will help sensitise more people towards the pain of hapless animals who fall victim to our human brutality.

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