Salman Bhai ka Congrats! When Salman Khan celebrates Narendra Modi's electoral victory

He goes shirtless! Of Course.

 |  2-minute read |   24-05-2019
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What does Salman Khan do when he doesn’t know what the right course of action is? Simple. He takes off his shirt.

As the Bollywood fraternity rushed to congratulate Narendra Modi on his resounding victory on May 23, our Bhai, it seems, knew another way.

Salman Khan never really wore his political heart on his sleeve. He has been seen with various political leaders belonging to various parties. In a prior interview, he once said that he would vote not for the party, but for the person, and so, if he were a voter in Amethi, he would choose Rahul Gandhi.

It was long ago, when there was no Smriti Irani.

Then, he apparently shares a kind-of personal relationship with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath. Now, after the drubbing in the Lok Sabha elections, the fate of the Madhya Pradesh government hangs in balance.

salma1_052419023538.jpgBecause that's his statement. (Photo: YouTube)

We don’t know exactly how Salman Khan feels. First, he congratulated Modi in a tweet.

Then he posted a shirtless photo in another tweet.

Salman showed Bollywood how to go shirtless and look cool (not in the Anil Kapoor way) in the 1990s. The rest followed suit. But no one can actually do it like Bhai — and that too, in such electorally hot weather.

But what we all perhaps failed to understand is how he actually promoted his upcoming film Bharat in his tweet, saying Swachh Bharat, Fit Bharat.

Wah, Salman Bhai!

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