5 things Gen Z expects from their employers

The younger workforce doesn't gel well with the traditional corporate rules. Here are five changes that can make a workplace more Gen Z friendly.

 |  2-minute read |   03-05-2022
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With every new generation comes new ideas and new energy. But, the old corporate culture is not keeping up the way it should. Many corporate policies often fail to impress the Gen Z. This often leads to clashes, poor mental health, low productivity rate, depression and much more.

A few simple changes can make things better. We’ve made a list of things that the corporate world can add to their policies to make the work place more Gen Z friendly.


The whole work-from-home scenario during Covid times helped companies realise that this model can really work.

We believe that not just Gen Z but every working individual dreams of working from next to mountains or maybe beaches.

The work-from-anywhere setup gets all the votes. Gen Z is stressing on this model more than anyone.

As long as employees are completing their targets, the company should not be worried about their presence in the office.



Emails still exist in the corporate world and will always do. And it is actually good to keep the work conversation off WhatsApp.

But, the Gen Z is not so happy with those boring, traditional emails.

They often use informal terms which do not get a very good response from their seniors.

Therefore, companies should be acceptable to these informal mails.

Earlier, a TikTok video by a Gen Z social media organisation revealed that Gen Z signs off emails in amusing ways. So, instead of thanks, regards, sincerely, warm regards and so on, they use 'that’s all,' 'hehe bye' and something like 'alright, alright, alright.'


Naps are good for your health. They can also help increase productivity and improve mental health.

So, instead of working with an annoyed face and irritability, it is better to take a nap for 15 minutes and come back refreshed.

Therefore, taking a nap once a day for 15-20 minutes should be acceptable in the corporate world.



Gen Z expects bosses like Jacqueline Carlyle from The Bold Type and not Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada.

So, a boss who is more approachable, understanding, impartial and a little bit fun gets all the votes.



Asking for a leave feels like you've asked for your manager's kidney.

This process should not be that complex. There should a simple process or a portal where employees can ask for leaves without feeling any guilt or fear.

What else would you like to add to this list? (We know this can be an endless list because a dream workplace is a myth)


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