Daily Recco, April 29: Moringa and amla for all the immunity you need

Packed with nutrient-rich superfoods, this concoction is an immunity booster that the dieticians swear by.

 |  1-minute read |   29-04-2021
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Amidst the Covid crisis, consider yourself blessed if you are healthy. And for sustained health, it is important that you boost your immunity. We cannot stress enough on this because you know that already. Masks, sanitisers and immunity is your three-pronged defence against the deadly virus.

main_amla-moringa_042921024936.pngSuperfoods are most essential for boosting immunity.

Along the line of immunity boosters that we have been recommending, here is one simple concoction that is endorsed by dieticians. It is something you can easily make at home as you stay confined indoors (curfew or not). Vitamin C-rich and packed with superfoods, this shot is one you would not want to miss.

What you need:

Half a teaspoon Moringa powder or Moringa leaves

One gooseberry (Amla)

Half a glass of water

main_recco-amla-mori_042921025113.jpgThis Vitamin C-rich concoction packed with nutrients is a drink the dieticians swear by.

How to:

Take half a teaspoon of fresh homemade Moringa powder or Moringa leaves and one deseeded Amla.

Add the ingredients to the blender along with half a glass of water.

Strain the blended mixture and extract the juice.

This concoction should be had early in the morning every day. Avoid combining it with your meals.

In case Moringa is not available, you can replace it with mint or coriander leaves.

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