Rakhi Sawant, the shepherd boy who cried wolf far too many times

Why is this movie star seen doing everything else, but movies?

 |  3-minute read |   13-11-2018
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Let me just begin by saying that I don’t believe that Rakhi Sawant can be knocked out. No one, I repeat, no one is powerful enough to dhobi-pachharo Rakhi. Clearly, this was a ‘sharyantra’ as Rakhi points out herself.

Last night when an untimely cup of black coffee kept me awake in bed, I resorted to the one thing that usually comes in handy in times like these. Twitter. Of course, it lived up to its reputation.

Twitterdom was under siege with reports of Rakhi Sawant being knocked out by a wrestler in the ring. A bit unusual, one might think. What would Rakhi be doing in a ring, right? But then one knows better that if it’s Rakhi, no news is unusual enough.

30085840_38684099511_111318062316.jpgWhy is Rakhi Sawant the way she is? (Source: Rakhi Sawant/Instagram)

A bit of context is imperative here. So Rakhi was at a Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) match in Panchkula in Haryana. BY the way, CWE was instituted by The Great Khali in 2015. So, Rakhi was there, performing before a full house, rooting for her.

So far, so good.

Until, Rakhi reportedly challenged a wrestler, Rebel, present alongside her in the ring at the time, to a fight. The evitable happened. Rebel picked Rakhi up and slammed her on the floor as Rakhi does to her film scripts.


It’s not funny, for Rakhi reportedly suffered a lumbar injury, especially in the tailbone area. She was rushed to the nearest hospital after she complained of pain and dizziness. After a few pain-relieving injections and medicines, she was discharged, with strict instructions to rest.

In an exclusive post-injury video interview, Rakhi narrates her ordeal from her hotel bedroom.

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The question that kept me awake well past the effect of the black coffee had died, was: What the hell is Rakhi Sawant doing? Why is this movie star seen doing everything else, but movies?

Rakhi’s last notable role was in Dil Bole Hadippa! back in 2009. A decade since then, she’s tried every trick in the book to stay afloat. From running in politics to donating boobs, from introducing her version of an “anti-rape” outfit for women to advocating the ban of ceiling fans to curb suicides, Rakhi has done it all.

Agreed that we egg her on, but she always manages to jump the hoops, never disappoints. And comes back stronger each time.

But when Tanushree Dutta opened up a Pandora’s Box with her sexual harassment allegations against Nana Patekar, thereby setting the #MeToo wagon in motion, Rakhi seems particularly invested in headbutting her way into the narrative. Except, she’s batting for the wrong side.

Long story short, Rakhi has accused Tanushree of doping, raping her, and being a man, and while none of these allegations are insignificant enough to be brushed aside, it doesn’t even stop there. This time she alleges that it was Tanushree who hired Rebel to beat her up as part of a larger ‘sharyantra’.

Nope, these claims are not based on thin air. Rakhi has proof. After all, “Rakhi Sawant ko aaj tak kisi ne haath nahi lagaya” and the fact that the two — Tanushree and Rebel — happened to have come from the US, it makes it absolutely clear that “Tanushree ne bheja hai Rebel ko mujhe peetne ke liye.”


Problem is, no one even takes Rakhi seriously anymore. Which is why, we really don't know if there was any truth to this bout of laughter-inducing 'pachhar' or was it all just simulated. Like the shepherd boy who cried wolf far too many times, Rakhi is seen capable of creating just about a stir, never a storm in a teacup.

I, however, suddenly felt the urge for a second cup of black coffee, wrestled with the idea, and knocked it off.

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