Why Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover need an audience for their fights

The episode served well to create hype around their individual endeavours.

 |  3-minute read |   20-03-2018
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Comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover are fond of fights and they want an audience for all of their brawls, starting from the one in which a plane full of fliers was made to witness their slugfest. Almost a year on, but the duo has not been able to bury the hatchet.

Both men are pursuing their individual goals right now, putting an end to their successful, joint journey in the world of comedy. However, just a few days ahead of Kapil’s Family Time with Kapil Sharma hitting television screens, the duo picked up a Twitter fight, for no apparent reason.

Why Sunil Grover chose to reply to a fan tweet now

The Kapil-Sunil camaraderie goes back to Comedy Nights with Kapil, the Colors show which started in 2013. The Bittoo-Guthhi — played by Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, respectively —  magic worked in The Kapil Sharma Show too, which started in 2016 after Kapil fought with the Colors authorities and the show was stopped. Though there have been tiffs between the two comedians earlier too, things took an ugly turn after Kapil slapped Sunil on a flight in an inebriated state. The show suffered as Sunil Grover quit and owing to poor ratings, it was pulled off the air.

Following a short break from television, Kapil announced his comeback and since then it was being speculated whether Sunil Grover will be part of the new show. After it was confirmed that Sunil won’t be there, fans kept on asking why they were not working together.

Both remained silent over the issue for a long time. But recently Sunil Grover found time to reply to a fan’s tweet clarifying that he was not asked to be a part of the new show. He didn't stop at that going on to say that though his contact number was the same, he did not get a call to join the new show. After waiting for a call to be part of the show, Sunil said, he signed a new project.


kapil-sharm_031918031409.jpgScreenshot of Kapil Sharma tweets


How Kapil picked up a fresh fight

As both Sunil and Kapil follow each other on Twitter, the tweet did not evade Kapil Sharma’s notice. Losing no time, Kapil started ranting against Sunil, replying to random tweets through the day. He claimed that he had called Sunil Grover over 100 times, even visited his house. But Sunil avoided him. This again divided the fans between Kapil and Sunil. But Sunil clarified that while he was talking about the new show (Family Time with Kapil Sharma), Kapil was talking about their old fights.

kapil-1_031918031513.jpgScreenshot of Kapil Sharma's tweets

‘You are better’

Taking the fight a notch higher, Sunil tweeted that he never wanted to bring down Kapil and that’s why he kept shut for a year. Everyone knows that Kapil is better than him, he said wishing him luck and advising him to take care of his health. The battle ended for the time being as Kapil said that Sunil is smarter than Kapil.

While the battle engaged thousands of people on Twitter, who tracked each of their tweets, liking and retweeting them, the entire episode served well to create a hype around their individual endeavours.

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