Why a Japanese bakery selling boob-shaped buns is not surprising at all

Poulomi Ghosh
Poulomi GhoshNov 30, 2018 | 17:20

Why a Japanese bakery selling boob-shaped buns is not surprising at all

Big breasts, penis and vagina models make Japan happy.

For the past six years, a bakery in Japan has been making 'boob-shaped buns' and every day, a number of people must have been happy to the utmost level, laying hands on those freshly baked boob-buns, without feeling surprised or guilty at all.

But now that a video of Mr Takahashi carefully baking those buns has gone viral, the rest of the world can’t stop exclaiming — both at the long-hidden gem (the bakery) and the precision of those buns, with red nipples on it.


Also, these are double buns, like the real thing.

Spot the difference. (Photo: Screenshot from the video)

These boob-buns are not made of milk or eggs — exactly the two ingredients that come to your mind when you think of baking.

There’s a reason why Takahashi avoided those two ingredients: Many children are allergic to those.

Yes, you read that right. Those buns are for the consumption of children as well.

But why?

Can you hear voices screaming inside your head? It’s probably deeper than what you think.

The boob-buns are modelled after Yuni's breasts. No, Yuni is not resting on a pillow. (Photo: Internet)

Yes, Japan has a fetish for boobs — but it has nothing exclusive to do with Japan. Many Asian countries apparently prefer boobs over butts.

But there are videos, online discussions, articles deliberating on factors — Japan’s ‘weird’ history of sexuality, its rich contribution to the world of pornography — which may fan this fetish a little more.

Consider Anime (Japanese animation) characters.

Japan spotted this and their social media just lost it. (Photo: Twitter)

Anywhere you turn, you see boobs. The female characters are all voluptuous. And there are discussions on how these voluptuous characters symbolise life and fertility.


In fact, these boob-buns are reportedly modelled after the Anime character Yumi, which clearly explains why these buns are safe for consumption by children.

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi can be another example. The 45-year-old artist once made a 3D image of her vagina and shared it online to crowdfund her next project 'Vagina boat', which was a kayak. (She was found guilty of obscenity, though)

A few years ago, there were reports of ‘Cinderella breast augmentation’ in Japan, a scientific procedure to enhance the size of breasts in 30 minutes. However, the effect was supposed to stay for one day. But at least, this was much more affordable in comparison with permanent breast augmentation. So, it was good news. Big boobs even for a day makes Japan happy.

No, this is not surprising.

There are studies revealing that the size of Japanese women’s breasts has been increasing over time, which brings immense joy because they have apparently felt left behind Western countries in the competition over bra size.

According to a 2015 report, the study was undertaken by an underwear brand, which happily reported that there has been a spike in the sales of C and D cup bras.


What the rest of the world does. (Photo sourced from Quora)

And What Japan does. (Reuters photo of the Penis Festival)

A month back, Japanese social media was on fire after they spotted a squirrel with something looking like 'breasts'. The 'large-breasted squirrel' was found in the squirrel garden at Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo.

Not to forget, Japan's annual 'Penis Festival', observed on the first Sunday of April. It has unconfirmed stories behind it — like a woman biting off the penises of her husbands under the influence of some demon, and her then getting hold of a steel penis, which is celebrated on this occasion.

Fantasies setting sail. (Reuters photo of the vagina boat)

So yes, big breasts, penis and vagina models make Japan happy.

But is that only in fantasies and buns? 

Apparently, yes.

According to a recent population report, one-third of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual experience. Japanese youth, reportedly, have lost interest in romantic relationships and marriages. The survey revealed various reasons — many Japanese men find Japanese women scary, many have admitted they won't be able to take rejection. Women have stated that there are many Japanese men who can't be bothered — they are happy watching porn and satisfying themselves. 

Breast-buns all the way.

Last updated: December 19, 2018 | 16:18
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