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Bigg Boss 11: Why Hina Khan should not be the most hated contestant

With Luv and Priyank, Hina can form an anti-Vikas camp in the house.

 |  3-minute read |   07-12-2017
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Hina Khan might be the most-hated contestant of Bigg Boss 11. Even host Salman Khan has slammed her attitude on a few occasions. But half way through the show, the feisty actor has started proving that she actually deserves to be the most-loved one. And here are the reasons.

A strong finalist

Bigg Boss is a volatile game. Spending the entire day in bed plotting with fellow contestants may not always pay off. And when it comes to tasks, there is no one more enthusiastic than Hina. In the recent captaincy task of babysitting too, she gave a tough fight pushing Hiten, who was carrying her pram, till the end. She didn’t lose hope even though the plan to ditch her was being openly hatched. Vikas was visibly trying to influence Hiten, but Hiten was finding it really difficult to shrug Hina off, given her dogged pursuit. Also, she has been successful in giving out the message that she didn’t want to use any kind of manipulation to win the captaincy task.



The male-female ratio inside the house is skewed with only three female contestants left in the house. The other two women, Shilpa and Arshi, have been quite boring this week. Following an early ouster from the captaincy task, Shilpa had nothing to do, while Arshi wasted all her energy into Shilpa-shaming. In a sharp contrast, Hina has sportsmanship and in the last episode, too, she congratulated Arshi on becoming the captain.

She is not Vikas’ puppet

Without Hina, the Bigg Boss 11 will become a Vikas-show. He acts as the unofficial "big boss" of the house, and others turn to him, from time to time, for suggestions of strategy. And after yesterday’s (Wednesday) captaincy task, Hiten, another strong contender, is now clearly in Vikas’s camp. Arshi, Puneesh, Shilpa were already there. Now, with Luv and Priyank, who also vacillate between camps, Hina has the strong answer to counter Vikas’s plotting. Even her boyfriend has a similar thing to say. In an exclusive interview to India Today, Rocky Jaiswal said, “Hina is an individual player. She would have been a good friend of Vikas, Shilpa and Puneesh otherwise. It's because of this she is getting nominated every week. She is the only one who's playing individually, aur wo akele his sab par bhaari pad rahi hain (she can counter all of them alone). That's why she's getting cornered in the house."


Less drama, more action

Yes, Hina is all about “I, me and myself”, but then that’s what amazes her fans. And if reports are to be believed, Hiten Tejwani’s wife, actor Gauri Tejwani, too, lends her support to Hina, though Hina exposed her “spineless" husband.

“I feel one should not comment on her seeing her behaviour inside the house. You get frustrated inside. Of course, you should know how to control yourself as it is national television. I guess some people cannot control their anger. Hina would not behave like that in other circumstances,” Gauri said.

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