Was Game of Thrones finale inspired by our very own Ramayana?

From the suffering of its central protagonist to the fiery end of King's Landing, why are the resemblances in the theme so strong?!

 |  2-minute read |   21-05-2019
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That George RR Martin is not behind the last season of Game of Thrones is written all over the episodes. But in fact, did the writers actually go through the Ramayana and borrow the burning down of Lanka to visualise the annihilation of King's Landing?

And come to think of that, we totally can’t stop comparing virtuous Jon Snow with Lord Rama — who doesn’t get to sit on the throne, despite being the ‘promised’ one. Lord Rama getting drowned in the Sarayu river and Jon Snow joining the Nightswatch are equally anti-climactic.

What if, instead of all this, the following had happened?

Daenerys Targaryen sits on the throne, Jon Snow by her side

The Dragon Mother fought all her way to the Iron Throne. It was she who stitched the alliances and strategized the major part of the war — both against the white walkers and Cersei. She, notwithstanding her rage, should have got the throne.

The message would have been: the chain she wanted to break can’t be broken. We are part of that chain.

rama_052119041938.jpgDo all the good men have to suffer? (Photo: DailyO)

Jon Snow sits on the throne

Yes, he was the rightful heir to the throne. He was a people’s person! He would have been more acceptable than Daenerys. Far more.

So, the possible alternative sequence would be like this: Jon Snow kills Daenerys. Drogon sets him on fire instead of the Iron Throne. John Snow, being a Targaryen, emerges unscathed — and everyone understands his true blood.

Anybody kills Cersei, instead of those bricks!

Jamie Lannister or Arya Stark or Daenerys killing Cersei would have given us the closure we needed. Cersei getting buried down under rubble is just poorly written Greek tragedy.

Valar morghulis: All men must die  

This was a motif running throughout GoT. But in the end, we have a handful of idiots still alive. A better ending could have been everyone dying either in the battle with death (White Walkers) or in the battle at King’s Landing.

But no, the writers apparently actually consulted our tale to punish the good guy and then to do something unexpected.

Now, we will never get the redemption we deserved!

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