Couple leaves baby at Tel Aviv airport check-in after finding out they had to pay Ryanair for its ticket

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Couple leaves baby at Tel Aviv airport check-in after finding out they had to pay Ryanair for its ticket

Couple leave baby at check-in counter in Tel Aviv. GIF: DailyO

In today's age, there's a lot of rage and impatience when catching flights. So much so that some people are willing to punch each other, and even leave their infant baby at the airport. If you don't believe that the latter part happened, stay with us for some shocking revelations about human nature. 

Israeli local media reported that a couple travelling to Brussels, Belgium from Tel Aviv, Israel, on a Belgian passport LEFT their infant baby at the check-in desk after finding out that they have to pay for a ticket to take the baby on the flight, and rushed towards security check.


This is what happened at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport: 

  • According to the Israel Airports Authority, the couple arrived late for their Ryanair flight on January 31 and didn't have a ticket for their baby. 
  • At the check-in, they were told that they would have to pay for the baby's ticket too.
These passengers travelling from Tel Aviv to Brussels (January 31) presented at check-in without a booking for their infant. They then proceeded to security leaving the infant behind at check-in.
- Ryanair Spokesperson

Ryanair desk manager had this to say: 

We've never seen anything like this. We couldn't believe what we were seeing.

Ryanair fares for infants and children: Ryanair charges £25 per infant under 2 years if they are to sit on their parent's lap. If they are to be seated in a car seat, parents need to book a separate seat on the flight for the full fare. 

  • All children 2 years and above are charged the adult fare on Ryanair. 

According to the airline authorities, the couple seemed anxious to get through the airport security with or without their baby. 

What happened to the baby and its parents? Well, the airline had to call in the police and the parents were questioned. 

  • CNN reported that the Israeli police said the matter has been resolved and that there is no further investigation going on. The baby is with its parents. 
  • It is unknown whether the parents FORGOT to take their child as they barrelled towards security or if they LEFT the baby there intentionally. 

It wouldn't be the first time a parent FORGOT their child at the airport like in a real-life Home Alone story. 

Last updated: February 02, 2023 | 16:20
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