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Freedom of Expression, Konark temple, Odisha, Abhijit iyer mitra

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra’s case shows the ‘mental’ in our Fundamental Right

In fact, Indians don’t have freedom of expression. They have a privilege, which can at any time be brutally crushed, by the state or the mob.


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Supreme Court, Naveen Patnaik, Freedom of Expression, Abhijit iyer mitra

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra has been denied bail again — and this isn’t funny anymore

The defence analyst's plight is an example of how vulnerable citizens are and how fickle are the rights granted to them.


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Freedom of Expression, Supreme Court, Cji ranjan gogoi, Abhijit iyer mitra

Abhijit Iyer Mitra’s bail rejected: Are the feelings of religious people more important than the rights of the non-religious?

The SC saying ‘jail is the safest place for you’ trivialises the reality of custodial torture.


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Konark temple, BJD, Freedom of Expression, Abhijit iyer mitra

#IStandWithAbhijit: You don’t have to agree with his views to defend Abhijit Iyer Mitra’s right to free speech

Mitra was arrested for a satirical video about the Konark temple.


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Freedom of Expression, Shehla Rashid, Tukde tukde gang, Umar Khalid

Freedom elusive on Independence Day: Why the likes of Umar Khalid get attacked

'A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government' is an idea clearly lost on independent India.


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Freedom of Expression, Stand-up comic, Rahul Subramanian

Why DJs threatened to thrash comic Rahul Subramanian

His stand-up act at Pune Comedy Festival was cancelled over security concerns.


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Rolex Arts Initiative Mentor and Protégé programme, Philip Glass, Anish Kapoor, Freedom of Expression

Why Anish Kapoor says artists need a collective voice to overcome the environment of fear

The Indian-origin British sculptor, who knows a thing or two about offending people, says never waste a good crisis.


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Bigotry, Gurmehar Kaur, Humans of Hindutva, Freedom of Expression

Humans of Hindutva founder on why he shut the Facebook page

I find it hilarious how some people are milking my personal predicament as an opportunity to show how oh-so-brave they are.


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BJP, Freedom of Expression, Hate Speech, Section 66A

Government is hiding behind hate speech to bring back Section 66A

The proposed amendments are a sham, colourable exercise to restrict freedom of expression, democratic dissent and advocacy.


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Trolling, Freedom of Expression, Gurmehar Kaur, Virender Sehwag

If #VirenderSehwag is a troll, then so are all of us

He did not attack her. He did not abuse her. He did not threaten her.