DailyOh! Day after Bharat Bhandh, dates for Bharat-wide protests are out

VandanaDec 09, 2020 | 18:56

DailyOh! Day after Bharat Bhandh, dates for Bharat-wide protests are out


A day after Bharat Bandh, a date sheet for Bharat-wide protests is out. It will include blocking of highways and gheraoing on BJP ministers and leaders in Delhi. In order to give shape to the plan Gherao Dilli, people from outside Dilli have been asked to start flocking to Delhi. The Delhi-Jaipur highway will be blocked by December 12 and a nationwide sit-in protest will kick off on December 14. At least that’s the plan. The farmers say the only thing that can foil the plan is the government's rollback of all three laws.


Farmers have decided to intensify their protests. (Photo: ANI)

The development has come a day after 13 farmer leaders met Union Home Minister Amit Shah and on the day the government sent a proposal to the farmers with written assurances part of the assurances. The assurances included amendments to the three farm laws along with an assurance on MSP, which the government has agreed to give in writing.

The talks between government and farmer unions may have hit a roadblock but the talks between humans and aliens from a ‘galactic federation’ have been a hit. The government and farmers are trying to crack a deal, but the US government and aliens have cracked one. The latter has agreed to cooperate. This is no sci-fi script but a claim made by the former head of Israel's Defense Ministry's space directorate, Haim Eshed.

The aliens are here, according to Eshed. "The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have asked not to publish that they are here, [because] humanity is not ready yet." Such considerate UFOs.

So the UFOs were waiting for us to get ready, but Eshed spilled the beans. The spilling happened in an interview with Israel's Yediot Aharonot newspaper. But it happened in Hebrew, a language that is not read or understood by a large section of humanity. Humanity woke up to the considerate UFOs when parts of Eshed’s interview were published by The Jerusalem Post.


A lenticular galaxy is shown in this NASA handout. (Photo: Reuters)

According to Eshed, there is an agreement between the US government and the aliens. Eshed has claimed that the outgoing US President Donald Trump was aware of the ‘deal’ and wanted to go public with it. However, he stopped after he was asked to stop. That’s where the story gets unbelievable — that someone asked Trump to stop and he stopped.

Now, to the believable negotiation between the Indian government and farmers. We told you a group of 13 farmer leaders met Union Home Minister Amit Shah yesterday night. The move to call 13, and not 32 union leaders, is said to have caused a rift within the farmers’ bloc because those who were not invited are miffed over not being invited. Some of those who attended the meeting have reportedly agreed to the need for amendments and assurance on MSP, which the government has agreed to give in writing. ‘Divide and convince’ works better than convincing all at once.

The farmers, we told you, won’t stop till the ‘black’ laws are repealed. Isn’t calling laws that we oppose as "black" a form of racism? Save that debate for another day. Today is farmers’ day. And so while farmers held discussions among themselves before rejecting government proposals, the opposition leaders met President Ram Nath Kovind to discuss the matter. Too many discussions are happening because that is how things happen in a democracy.


Niti Aayog chief Amitabh Kant, meanwhile, has started a discussion on ‘too much democracy’. Talking about the farmers' protest, Kant said tough reforms are very difficult in the Indian context as ‘we are too much of a democracy’. How much democracy is good democracy? Very much democracy. Very much democracy allows room for Kant to make comments that Kan-t have space in democracies because democracies make space for all sorts of ideas, even those against democracy.

Niti Aayog chief Amitabh Kant believes too much democracy holds back important reforms. (Photo: Reuters)

Democracy, the Word Of The Day, comes from the Greek word demokratia, where demos means ‘the people’ and kratia means ‘power, rule’. Democracy is said to have found its roots in Athens with Cleisthenes reforming the constitution of ancient Athens and setting it on a democratic footing in 508 BC. Then its shoots spread all over the world. In Civics, we were taught democracy is a system by the people, of the people and for the people. In real life, we realise people is a group of persons and what one person wants may not be what the other one wants.

So, while you may want a lot of democracy, Kant wants a little less of it.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb, meanwhile, is going all democratic by asking people of the state to take a call on his chief ministerial chair during a public meeting on December 13. You see we vote for the candidates, but their parties decide if they should be CM or PM. Deb is facing opposition within the BJP with demands of his removal as CM. The demand to remove someone as CM or PM is as democratic as the demand to make someone CM or PM. Very much democracy.

In Rajasthan, the Congress has received a drubbing from people in the Panchayat polls. Out of 4,371 Panchayati Raj constituencies, the BJP has claimed victory in 1,812 followed by the Congress with 1,695. Rajasthan has a Congress government and normally Panchayat polls are won by the government in power. But democracy allows you the choice to keep or turn the trend.

The Congress’ loss in Rajasthan has come on a day its president, interim that is, Sonia Gandhi is ‘not’ celebrating her birthday. It’s her birthday but she has said she won’t celebrate because the farmers are protesting. Not celebrating doesn’t mean not accepting wishes. So, we extend our wishes to Sonia Gandhi. And on her birthday, let us treat you to a story that had three characters — Atal, Advani and the birthday girl, Sonia.

On April 17, 1999, a no-confidence motion had been moved against the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. Vajpayee, whose speech during the 1996 no-confidence motion is remembered verbatim by many, rose to speak and went all guns blazing against the Congress. Vajpayee said that the Congress is divided “between the keen greed to remove us, the desire to form a partnership for the sake of power, and the ambition of coming to power on its own”.

Sonia Gandhi was reportedly angry with Atal Bihari Vajpayee's tone during his Parliament speech in 1999. (Photo: PTI)

Sonia reportedly found Vajpayee’s tone to be insulting and once he was done speaking, Sonia walked up to Vajpayee angrily. She was about to start speaking to him when LK Advani came in between. Unable to reach Vajpayee, Sonia began shouting at Advani, who kept nodding, saying nothing. Two angry people talking to each other can take things out of control. One calm person listening to an angry person can keep tempers in check. Unchecked tempers can fly and flying tempers are difficult to control, quite like the flying UFOs.

The India Air Force (IAF), meanwhile, has asked Anurag Kashyap and Anil Kapoor’s AK vs AK to take down scenes that show the inaccurately donned IAF uniform in the promotional clip of the Netflix film. IAF has also objected to the language used by the actors wearing the objectionable uniform.


The issue is now set to get bigger, much to the delight of the makers of AK vs AK because they just got free publicity. The case that is no longer in publicity is the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. So, you may have missed the news that a special court under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act has ruled the charges of financing illicit trafficking or trading of drugs do not apply against Showik Chakraborty, brother of actor Rhea Chakraborty. Showik has spent about three months in jail on the charges that the court says do not apply to him.

Showik could have been a victim of the system, but if you want to learn how to hoodwink the system, then learn it from ‘The Professor’. Who Professor? The protagonist of Money Heist. You can learn from him, but we suggest you never apply in real life what you learn from this reel life drama.

It is time for us to say we will leave you with that for today. But before we leave, we got to tell you that the Eluru mystery has been solved. The mystery over the mysterious illness has been unravelled by lab tests. The tests have found nickel and lead in the water and milk samples collected from affected areas.

We will leave you with this, but let us just add that Parthiv Patel has left all forms of cricket.

See you tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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