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Cauvery row, Tamil Nadu, Narendra Modi, Go back modi

Are 'Modi Go Back' protests enough to change PM's mind?

It's widely perceived in Tamil Nadu that Centre is reluctant to form the Cauvery Management Board, fearing voter blacklash in Karnataka.


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BJP, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka elections, Cauvery row

Why protests over Cauvery water sharing refuse to die down

Questions are being raised if the Centre is delaying setting up of the Cauvery Management Board eyeing the Karnataka Assembly elections.


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Vedanta, Tamil Nadu, Sterlite

Why hundreds of Tamils won't quit protests against Vedanta's Sterlite

Expansion of a copper plant that has, for decades, been accused of polluting the state’s air, water and soil seems like a cruel joke.


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North-South divide, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Dravida Nadu

Why the chances of Dravida Nadu are no longer illusory

Ever since the adoption of Hindi as an official language, there were large-scale protests and resentment throughout southern India.


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Tamil Nadu, Rishikesh, Thalaiva, Rajinikanth

When Rajinikanth opened up to me about his spiritual journey

Will the saffron hue stay merely spiritual or turn political?


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Politics, Tamil Nadu, Rajinikanth, Kaala

Kaala will pit Rajinikanth against Kamal Haasan - both in box office and political stage

The film will be perfect to start for Thalaiva's political innings with a Robin Hood like character who protects the poor.


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Public health system, Tamil Nadu, Breast implants

Outrage over Tamil Nadu offering the poor breast alteration surgery reveals a sick mentality

No, the state government is not offering larger cup sizes while withholding money for cancer and TB treatment.


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Makkal Needi Maiam, Politics, Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan

Why Kamal Haasan is a better bet than Rajinikanth for Tamil Nadu

The actor-turned-politician is tapping into the legacy of Dravidian politics even though he wants to stress his centrist and liberal credentials at the same time.


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Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Cauvery water dispute, Supreme Court

Why Supreme Court's Cauvery verdict is a precursor to intense water wars ahead

This article is co-authored by Gauri Noolkar-Oak, a trans-boundary water conflict researcher, and Aditya Manubarwala, a trainee solicitor.