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Tamil Nadu, Kashmir woman, Heart transplant surgery, Hearttransplant

Tamilian gifts life to a Kashmiri woman, 3000 kilometers away

A Kashmiri woman suffering from heart failure received the gift of life in Tamil Nadu. Here's how.


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K Chandrasekhara Rao, MK Stalin, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, Narendra Modi

Why BJP loses out in the south: Why Narendra Modi's saffron party is unable to cross the Vindhyas in victory

Powerful local players. Rooted regional sensitivities. A host of political miscalculations. And an inability to catch the pulse of the South. All this has limited the Modi Wave to the north of India.


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Godavari, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Cauvery water dispute

Ragi can resolve Cauvery issue

Karnataka’s decision to refuse to release Cauvery water, to protect its irrigated summer paddy, will have an adverse effect on the standing Kuruvai paddy in Tamil Nadu, intensifying this property dispute of sorts.


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BJP, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala

Lok Sabha 2019: Where the Modi Wave hit a wall. Why South India votes differently

Despite the thumping majority in the Hindi heartland, the BJP has been shown the door in most of the states south of the Vindhyas. Why is it proving hard for the lotus to bloom down south?


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AIADMK, Lok Sabha polls 2019, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Vellore Cancelled: Lok Sabha election in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore cancelled after cash seizure

While this is the first time a Lok Sabha poll has been cancelled on account of cash seizures, Tamil Nadu has often seen Assembly polls cancelled on the same charge.


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Karnataka, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Lok Sabha Phase II: Voting to be held for 97 seats. And a big day for Tamil Nadu

While voting in Tamil Nadu will be held for 38 Lok Sabha seats, by-polls to 18 Assembly seats would also be held. In addition, several other states will also go to the polls today.


 |  4-minute read
Shiv Sena-BJP alliance, Maharashtra, Khichdi, Tamil Nadu

Political Khichdi: Why the regional mix-rice dish is the hot favourite this election season!

Like politics, khichdi varies from region to region. Here is a peek into the regional platter that is going to be offered to the Indian public this poll season.


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J Jayalalithaa, DMK, AIADMK, Upper caste reservation

Dravidian politics vs reservation for upper castes: The old dragon breathes fire - yet again

Dravidian parties stand by the ideology they were conceived upon and oppose the empowering economically weaker upper caste groups.


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Tamil Nadu, DMK, AIADMK, Violence

Those who lost their loved ones in Tuticorin police firing deserve answers

Why did civilian protesters face police firing, many losing their lives, others, their limbs? Isn't the system meant to protect the vulnerable, not attack them?


 |  4-minute read
Ambur, Tamil Nadu, Toilets, Swachh Bharat

Swacch Bharat: Prime Minister's flagship mission has a seven-year-old taking her father to the cops

A small girl lodged a police complaint because her father procrastinated on building a toilet. We want the champions of Swacch Bharat to hear her!