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Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Split captaincy, Two captains

Why split captaincy is the only way forward for both Team India and Virat Kohli

After the World Cup loss, there are talks that India should go in for split captaincy. Former cricketer Maninder Singh spoke with Rohit E David on why it will work for Team India.


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Virat Kohli, New zealand in finals, England vs New Zealand, Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes and Jasprit Bumrah: The star performers of World Cup 2019

Even as we continue to debate if New Zealand should have won the World Cup instead of England, there are few players who will remain the undisputed masters of this year's tournament.


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Sourav Ganguly, India Vs New Zealand, World Cup 2019, Sachin Tendulkar

World Cup 2019: How Team India came to be called the 'new chokers'

As unfair as it may seem to fans right now, India needs to win an ICC tournament at the earliest to ensure that this tag, that's been monopolised for decades by South Africa, does not stick to Virat's warriors.


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Lata Mangeshkar, Smriti Irani, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli

Should MS Dhoni Walk or Not? How Captain Cool has now divided India into Dhoni bhakts vs Dhoni haters

Aam and khaas fans alike want MS Dhoni to not hang up his gloves. But, critics demand, he should take a break now. The divisive intensity of this debate takes it beyond the cricket pitch.


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Indian cricket fans, Ravindra jadeja, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli

Itna Sannata Kyun Hai Bhai? Why the Indian cricket fan revels in the fake agony of losing a simple game

Indian cricket fans have a fervent need for their side to win. Not play well or display skill but win. The intense desire for triumph is trumped only when the time comes to actually smash your TV set.


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Virat Kohli, World Cup 2019, Sourav Ganguly, India Vs New Zealand

India vs New Zealand: From sitting without shifting to not watching at all, what superstitious cricket fans do!

Cricket matches are when we indulge in superstitions on a mass scale. Some of these rites are fun. Some are totally bizarre!


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India vs england match, World cup 2019 india, India vs Bangladesh, MS Dhoni

The Mahi Way: Why MS Dhoni is the greatest of all times!

One bad score doesn't mean he is over. Dhoni sure has another outstanding innings left in him.


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Kuldeep yadav, Hardik Pandya, Virat Kohli, Virat kohli 2019 world cup

World Cup 2019: England's hopes soar for the Cup as they end India's unbeaten streak!

England won against India by 31 runs. Eoin Morgan's men made sure Virat's boys had a hard time in Birmingham. And Team India showed no intent to win.


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World cup 2019 india, Water ministry, Chennai water shortage, Water shortage

Dear Virat Kohli, I implore you to understand the value of water

India is facing one of the worst summers of severe water deprivation. Using running water for washing cars is just not right. Indeed, you, an icon, should teach us to conserve every drop.


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Saffron, Bhagua, Orange jersey, Men in blue

Orange jerseys for Virat Kohli & Co: India's Men in Blue will now wear bhagua to battle England. Many will see saffron!

The Indian cricket team needs a new colour for its June 30 uniform to battle England. And it's reportedly going to wear saffron. So, has politics now coloured sports?