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Congress, BJP, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah

Post-Pulwama: The tough questions Rahul Gandhi must ask PM Modi now

He's maintained a respectful silence over the appalling Pulwama attack, but it's time the Congress leader asked PM Modi some uncomfortable questions.


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Pakistan, India, Terrorism, Pulwama terrorist attack

Pulwama and After: Should India go to war with Pakistan?

Army operations can’t be allowed to degenerate into political theatre. But equally, we can’t watch hand-tied as atrocities are perpetrated on us. What then is the solution?


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Pakistan super league, Polio, Pakistani actors, Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan ‘booked as wife refuses anti-polio drops to their daughter.’ What this news teaches us about Naya Pakistan

According to Pakistan's laws, a person refusing to administer anti-polio drops to their children faces up to two years of imprisonment, along with a hefty fine. So why is Fawad Khan's wife Sadaf adamantly against the crucial drops?


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Battle of saragarhi, Karan Johar, Akshay kumar, Kesari

'Kesari' Trailer Launch: Akshay Kumar showcases soldierly pride, Sikh valour and Punjabi power!

With the 'Kesari' trailer, Akshay Kumar and his team of many producers already pack a powerful punch.


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Jaish-e-mohammed, Pulwama terrorist attack, Imran Khan

Imran Khan in denial over Pulwama attacks - a waste of video tape and air time

Imran Khan's edited speech was just a lot of tosh that had more to do with appeasing his electorate and the Pakistani Army.


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Ram mandir, Uddhav Thackeray, Amit Shah, Bjp-shiv sena alliance

Why BJP-Shiv Sena alliance for Lok Sabha 2019 was predictable

Is Uddhav Thackaray now convinced that 'chowkidar' is not 'chor'?


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CRPF, Pulwama terror attack, Pulwama, Amit Shah

Pulwama Attack: Amit Shah’s dig at Congress is totally uncalled for. BJP must not play politics over tragedy

All parties have backed the government's leadership after Pulwama. The Opposition has as well. Then, why is the BJP making digs at the Congress?


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Pakistan, Pulwama, Pulwama terror attack, Crpf jawans

Anger and grief unite Uttar Pradesh as the state bears 12 losses in the Pulwama terror attack

The SP, BSP and Congress are rallying behind the government. The BJP is organising marches. The people want punishment for Pakistan. For now, UP speaks in one voice.


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Rajdeep Sardesai, Pakistan, Imran Khan, Pulwama terrorist attack

In grief and anger: Open letter to Imran Khan from Rajdeep Sardesai

It’s not just the Pakistan army that’s to blame for terrorism on Indian soil. The government is yours — so is the responsibility to act.