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Priyanka Chopra, Motherhood, Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017

Outcry over Miss India Manushi Chhillar's winning answer is problematic

The 20-year-old's answer draws the point that it's time to make the shared responsibilities of men and women real and rewarding.


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Raj Narain, 1971, Emergency, Birth anniversary

Indira was indeed India. She deserves a better homage

The Indian media has been often blindsided by the Emergency and branded her as The Iron Lady.


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Modi government, Economy, Moody's ratings

The irony behind Moody's India rating upgrade

The long-awaited upgrade is disconnected with economic realities, but consistent with the incongruity of sovereign ratings business.


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UPA, MNAREGA, Narendra Modi

Rs 10,000 in a/c to be measure of poverty: Government must abandon rhetoric

Poverty elimination has been the prime endeavour of every government in independent India.


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Gulzar, Amish Tripathi, JLF2016

When Gulzar cleared his throat and JLF went ecstatic

Highs and lows of Jaipur Literature Festival day four.


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Middle East, 1916: A Global History, Keith Jeffery, ISIS

Sunni-Shia conflict and rise of ISIS have roots in the First World War

Keith Jeffrey's new book cogently shows how 1916 was the beginning of the end of Western dominance.


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Islam, Pakistan, ISIS, Islamophobia

Inviting ISIS home: India should stay away from European Islamophobia

The problem of Islam in the Middle East is peculiar to the region.


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Mayawati, Narendra Modi, UP elections, Bihar polls

Modi might have lost UP elections already

In Bihar, the BJP was at least in the race to the throne, but Uttar Pradesh may not be so merciful.